Have you ever found yourself trying to achieve a goal, but along the way, you realize you have become distracted by other purposes or less important things?

If you are like most Americans, the answer is an overwhelming YES! The truth is there are many distractions all around us. Even as I am writing this blog, many things are vying for my attention. In the hall, a cat is trying to tell me to pay attention to him. My phone is dinging for me to click on apps and scroll. The sun is beaming into my office, nudging me to go outside. My coffee mug is empty waiting for a refill. There are books on my desk begging to be read and there is a mountain of tasks, agendas, goals, and other projects to accomplish. Our distractions can be so good at disguising themselves, they appear to be things we believe we need. Or even worse, things that will help us better achieve our goals or become more successful.

Where do your distractions go?

I am not going to dig too deep here, but while I am on the topic, I can’t help but share a thought about the ever-growing storage facilities industry. Did you know there are over 52,000 storage facilities in the US with over 1.7 billion square feet of space, this is about 5.4 square feet per person in the US and 9.4 per household?

Just look at this chart showing the recent growth in self-storage construction.

It is shocking to realize how these massive containers for stuff are being filled every day with “things we thought we wanted or needed” or “things we may want or need in the future.” Are these storage units merely a container for our short term distractions? How much of our time, money, and resources are tied up in these storage containers?

Our consumption is growing, and our attention is being distracted every day. We are all distracted by things, some good and some bad. This is a part of life and although we can’t remove every distraction, choosing whether or not they will distract us from our goal(s) or potential is ultimately up to us. We must learn to let go of the things that weigh us down and get rid of our distractions.

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