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the best stuff that matters in my life

The best stuff

Sometimes the best stuff in life is the simplest, least costly, and unfortunately, mostly ignored.

On Christmas, a friend shared a photo of his children playing in the large cardboard boxes their gifts came in. It was if the gifts themselves didn’t even matter. Here are these joyful children on Christmas morning playing in a brown cardboard box meant to be a holder, but through the lens of a child this mostly ignored container was a plethora of ideas, vehicles, and toys able to keep them entertained for hours, if not days or weeks.

Where did my childlike imagination go?
How is it that these kids can see a cardboard box and think brown Ferrari and I see the same box and think a brown container for stuff I can’t use right now?

I remembered growing up, I had a thing for collecting boxes. I never knew when I would need that right box and I always enjoyed discovering a box that was uniquely designed to fit the item inside. I have always loved Apple’s boxes the best. Maybe I am just a sucker for good design, but their boxes are like a work of art. Their perfectly crafted containers are purposeful, keeping their iPhones, iPads, Computers, etc. protected, ensuring they get to their destination safely, and in proper working order.

What if we started thinking about the box around our life through the same lens of the children on Christmas or the designers at Apple. What if we realized the significance of the box around us and consciously filled it with only “The Best Stuff” for us. I know this may sound crazy, but what if we removed the unimportant stuff. The things that make you want to run and hide and replace them with stuff that makes you come alive. Can you design a box that is a perfect fit for you and for what you are most passionate about?

Here’s to a year focused on Things That Matter!

I encourage you to take a moment and look at the box around your life (we all have one) and make sure you are filling it with the best stuff. The stuff that really matters to YOU, and I hope you reach your potential and arrive at your destination this year!

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Sometimes the best stuff in life is the simplest, least costly, and unfortunately, mostly ignored. Click To Tweet

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