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Know your position as a leader corey gonzalez

Know Your Role As a Leader

“People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision of that leader.”

Leaders play a significant role in moving projects forward and building businesses. They set vision for the brand, organization, team, and objective.

But that’s not all…

Leaders need to be able to articulate that vision clearly for their people and the followers need to be able to believe in the leader, their character, and have some level of trust and shared values for them to follow willingly.

Leadership is not a title or a number of social media followers. It involves someone leading someone. If you look behind you and there is nobody on your path going in your direction following after you, then you might not be a leader. Leadership takes on many forms and physically leading is just one way to display leadership. If you want followers, they must believe that you can lead them to where they think it is a good idea to go.

It is important to have vision and understand your role, but more important is to know that leadership is earned by your character and your care for your people. If they believe in you, trust you, and believe in your vision they may follow you. If they don’t like you or your character, they’re unlikely to follow you, regardless of how much they believe in your vision.

It is a simple idea, but if you lead well and know your position amazing things can happen.

Your position as a leader is to lead people, but really it’s to love people first.

Your position as a leader is to lead people, but really it's to love people first. Click To Tweet
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