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How I started Coaching peace patrol

How I Started Coaching

Sometimes I’m asked if I went to school for coaching or why I care so much about helping people move forward. Well, it all started back in elementary school. When I was in fifth grade, I had a teacher, Mrs. Frankle, who was very kind and an all-around good teacher. She listened to her students, she was honest, and most importantly she noticed something unique about me that I didn’t know about myself. She provided an opportunity that sparked my hunger to help people move forward.

I grew up in a good home and followed the rules. I wasn’t the smartest kid in the class, and while I was pretty good at playing defense in hockey (basically tripping kids with my stick), I wasn’t a good athlete. I did, however, enjoy asking people questions. Sometimes too many questions. I remember one time on our family’s yearly camping trip I’d asked my dad a long series of questions as to why the fish weren’t biting and he said, “Maybe if you stop asking so many questions, they would.” Ha! I guess you could say I was curious kid. I digress.

In fifth grade my teacher selected me out of the entire class to spearhead this program called Peace Patrol, which is a fancy term for conflict resolution. I accepted. During recess while all the kids were playing different activities, my small team and I would go out, donned with clipboards and blue windbreakers, inserting ourselves into any conflict that occurred on the playground. I was tasked with helping my peers feel heard while guiding them to a resolution.

Looking back, I am very much the person I am because of the leadership and conflict resolution opportunities I had in the 5th grade. Helping people break down the conflict in their life and move forward is my greatest passion and I thank Mrs. Frankle for this opportunity to learn, grow, and serve.

I have a desire to help people move forward and get unstuck from their situations and for me, that passion started in the 5th grade.

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