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Agreements for Working

Here are a few simple agreements that are required to work together.

Please read and agree below

    1. I understand that Corey Gonzalez a.k.a. (cg) is working as my coach, consultant, guide, or partner, NOT as my employee, boss, manager, pair-of-hands, freelancer, or assistant.
    2. I will be honest and transparent about my situation and notify (cg) should things change.
    3. I understand that email is the preferred communication for all work related matters (phone and texting is for scheduling and emergencies).
    4. I will be prepared for meetings with a notepad and be respectful of (cg), his time, his process, and what he bring to the table/relationship.
    5. I understand and agree that action will be required and that I am ultimately responsible for my results.

    By clicking the "Send" button, you agree to the "agreements" listed above.

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