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corey gonzalez (cg) business coach


I’m Corey Gonzalez

aka (cg)  .

I’ve had the awesome privilege of coaching, consulting, and developing strategic solutions to help people and businesses move forward and grow for over 18 years.


For 20 years, my work has focused around helping people and businesses develop their plan to grow and boldly move forward!

I grew up in Southern California where I spent time working in several different industries before venturing out on my own and started S1, a 360-degree music label, recording studio, and creative marketing agency where we helped hundreds of artists, professionals, businesses, and brands achieve results.

After a decade of serving clients, S1 relocated its headquarters to Nashville, TN, and narrowed its focus to become a Strategic Consulting & Brand Marketing Agency now known as (cg) Brand Solutions.

Today, I work with people, businesses, and brands across the US on business, branding, marketing, sales, leadership, management, planning, building, structuring, and developing the life and business they want.

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I coach, advise/consult, and develop solutions to help people and businesses boldly move forward and get closer to where they want to be.


I guide and support driven entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, self-employed professionals, freelancers, and individuals who have a vision of where they want to be and are willing to do the work to get there.


Too many people give up due to a lack of support and guidance along their journey. I am incredibly passionate about helping people get the solutions and support they need to grow and get closer to where they want to be. Guiding people and businesses is more than a passion; it’s my mission.

My mission is to use my unique offering and gifts to guide and support people who are ready to unleash their potential and navigate change so they can boldly move forward and get closer to where they want to be while developing healthy and sustainable systems and solutions that produce maximum benefit for all involved (stakeholders, employees, customers, and community).

Running a business can be chaotic. I struggled for several years feeling like I was all alone. Asking for help was difficult and since my name was at the top of the org chart, I thought I had to be the best at everything. This thinking held me and my business back in many ways. Eventually, I found a trusted coach and advisor who helped me gain clarity and it truly changed everything!

Over the years, I’ve learned many valuable lessons. Most important is that guidance and outside support is vital to one’s success. It’s simply too easy to get tangled up in our situation and lose sight of the big picture. Support and guidance from a professional with your best interest at heart can bring real breakthrough and transformation. The smallest change of perspectives can change a life and business.

Every day, I invest my time and energy in coaching, consulting, and developing solutions to help people and businesses move forward and grow from the inside out. This is “my lane” and the best way I’ve found to deliver significant value to my clients while generating maximum benefit for all.

Would you like help from an experienced coach, consultant, and strategist? Are you ready to get honest about your situation and reach your next breakthrough? Are you willing to invest in yourself and book a session?


I offer a 90 Day Online Program which includes full access to my system for success with access to 23+ videos, workbooks, and tools to help people FOCUS on their destination, develop their PLAN to get there, and TAKE ACTION.

I offer 1-on-1 Coaching solutions designed to help people get clear about where they want to be, develop a plan to get there, navigating change and break through barriers, and grow.

I also offer Strategic Advice + Brand Consulting solutions for businesses and brands looking for analysis, insight, strategy, and advice to build their brand, strengthen their presentation, and grow their business.

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I work with clients all over the world via phone or online via Zoom meetings. I am is also available to meet in person, should the client prefer this option (additional travel and accommodation fees may apply).

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Strategic Advice + Consulting for success!

I work with clients to address issues before they become problems and strengthen weaknesses so they can maximize their potential for growth and success.

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Why Have A Coach?

Having a coach who will ask you the right questions and discuss your various issues can lead to massive results and bring about significant breakthroughs in your life. Your coach is also there to provide feedback, encouragement, support, accountability, and most importantly, the truth, even if it might be tough to hear. They act as a partner and motivator…

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