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Corey Gonzalez

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At my core, I am a problem-solver and a brand builder who thrives on helping others others get value-focused, grow, and better connect through their brand. For the past 17 years, I've worked with leaders, businesses, and brands who are high performers or working toward that goal. I am passionate about helping my clients realize their potential and achieve, sustain, and maintain what they want most.

My Clients

My Journey

I grew up in Southern California working as a professional musician and producer. I spent time working in several industries and eventually built my own business. I spent over a decade growing a successful commercial recording studio and marketing agency in Orange County, CA. This led me to build, manage, consult, and coach various artists, professionals, businesses, and brands. I now live in the greater Nashville area, where I provide coaching and consulting services to clients throughout the US.

As a life and business coach, I thrive on helping people achieve, sustain, and maintain what they want most. I love coaching people and have been resolving conflict in other's lives since I was 10 years old. To me, it's about providing the right coaching, a step-by-step strategy, and the support they need to get to where they ultimately want to be.

As a brand marketing consultant, I am extremely passionate about helping professionals and businesses build their brand, share their unique story, and get noticed. I have extensive experience in small business, branding, marketing, social media, advertising, content creation, web design, promotions, production, live events, strategic planning, speaking, team leadership, conflict resolution, and project management.

As a entrepreneur and brand builder, I have built and managed two personal businesses and helped dozens of clients build, launch, or grow their own enterprises. With my efforts aimed toward achieving specific goals around growth and engagement, I have had the privilege of working with professionals, creatives, artists, executives, leaders, pastors, alderman, business owners, and board members.

In addition, I have gained extensive business experience through my work with small businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations. I have also received significant sales and financial training at Edward Jones Investments, where I obtained both a Series 7 and 66 securities license and managed 5.5 million in assets as a Financial Advisor.

My Perosnality

My personality types are DISC Dc (Architect), Myers-Briggs ENTJ, and Enneagram 3. I tend to be skeptical until there is clear data and logic behind a proposal. I'm most energized by independence, personal space, and speed & efficiency.

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