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Corey Gonzalez a.k.a. (cg)

Value-Focused Professional

At my core, I'm a problem-solver, strategist, and builder (businesses, brands, plans, marketing campaigns, etc.) who thrives on adding significant value to those I serve. For over 18 years, I've helped individuals and businesses move forward and get to where they want to be. I am passionate about helping my clients get value-focused, realize their potential and achieve, sustain, and maintain what they want most.

My Clients

My Journey

I grew up in Southern California working as a professional musician and producer. I spent time working in several industries and eventually built my own business. I spent over a decade growing a successful commercial recording studio and marketing agency in Orange County, CA. This led me to build, manage, consult, and coach dozens of clients. I now live in Spring Hill, TN (greater Nashville area), and serve entrepreneurs, leaders, businesses, organizations, and brands throughout the US.

As a business and performance coach, I thrive on helping people and businesses achieve, sustain, and maintain what they want most. I love coaching driven people and have been resolving conflict in other's lives since I was 10 years old. To me, it's about providing the right coaching, a step-by-step strategy, and the support they need to get to where they ultimately want to be.

As a brand strategy and marketing consultant, I am extremely passionate about helping professionals and businesses build their brand, share their unique story, and get noticed. I have extensive experience in small business, branding, marketing, social media, advertising, content creation, web design, promotions, production, live events, strategic planning, speaking, team leadership, conflict resolution, and project management.

As a entrepreneur, business owner and brand builder, I have built and managed personal businesses and helped dozens of clients build, launch, or grow their own enterprises. With my efforts aimed toward achieving specific goals around growth and engagement, I have had the privilege of working with professionals, creatives, artists, executives, leaders, pastors, alderman, business owners, and board members.

In addition, I have gained extensive business experience through my work with small businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations. I have also received significant sales and financial training at Edward Jones Investments, where I obtained both a Series 7 and 66 securities license and managed 5.5 million in assets as a Financial Advisor.

My Perosnality

My personality types are DISC Dc (Architect), Myers-Briggs ENTJ, and Enneagram 3.

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corey gonzalez (cg) business coach brand strategy

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