A lot of companies today want to be transparent or authentic. There are many businesses, non-profits, and individuals who make it their mission to become transparent and even sell this idea that they’re people who tell the truth. The big question I have is when did this idea of being honest or truthful become a strategy vs. the expectation?

I think people today want to know more and they want to know the truth. Sitcoms and gossip aren’t enough; they want reality TV and the real truth. They want a behind-the-scenes look and often care more about what’s behind the camera over the final product. We live in this world where slick advertising isn’t the only way anymore. Cell phones and technology is changing how people consume content, but I don’t think you should ever not be transparent. Your motives and what you want customers to buy should always be at the forefront.

You can go your whole life and pretend that you care and you can make pretty advertisements or commercial that talks about caring but if you are the CEO, entrepreneur or service provider and you don’t care eventually your customer will find out. Being void of transparency will never be the right answer! Fake news and all the stuff that we experience in the world today make it tough to stand out, but the ones that stand in the end are those who are real and honest. They are the businesses who are peeling back the layers to truly showcase what the product is, what it can do, or what it does. Some may say this is a new way of thinking, but it’s not, I think somewhere along the line markers, and advertisers got away from being honest to try and sell more. We need to get back to the start!

I watch this movie recently called “The Circle”. It was an interesting story where this gal who works for this large media company decides to go to through this program where she ends up going fully transparent which means she wears this camera and shows the world what she sees everyday morning ’til night. It’s a neat picture of what life would be like without privacy, but it also comes with its disadvantages because along the way her friends and family get hurt.

It opened my eyes a little to how not transparent so many of the large companies or even small businesses are today. We live in a world where very few people know the why behind what these businesses do and unless they tell their customers they probably won’t know. Being honest about your intentions, asking your customers exactly what it is you want from them and making truthful claims about what the product will do for them is very important and can help you get noticed.

It’s a simple strategy, but I think it could work. It’s caring enough to tell the truth, be you, be real and connect.

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